The Adventure Begins!

We have been officially planning our trip for the the last couple months, but have been dreaming about it for years. This was the opportunity we had been waiting for and we jumped head first. 

We started researching and found out very quickly how much planning would need to be involved. From the bigger details like where to travel, to the tiny details like deciding whether or not to pay extra to sit together on a flight. (We decided for some flights, such as California to Germany, it was worth paying extra.) The research stage involved learning about what to pack, and most important what destinations to visit. We went back and fourth a lot during this stage, and even now some details may still change, but the main outline is set: 

Florida > Bahamas > Costa Rica > California > Germany > Thailand > Australia > Florida > Home

We will start the trip in Florida visiting family. Tim’s aunts and my brother live in Florida. Aunt Diane’s house will be considered our ‘home base’ during this time. We even packed an extra suitcase just for the time we would spend in Florida and leave it at aunt Diane’s during our travels. 

For the rest of our travels, we are traveling with two backpacks and one duffel bag. The size of the backpacks are within the standard size to be considered a personal item on airlines and the duffel bag fits within the carry on standard size. This means we won’t have to check in baggage and we won’t have to worry about it getting lost. Packing cubes were a huge benefit during this stage. They helped keep our items organized and condensed our clothes in order to get rid of wasted space. Packing cubes are definitely something we will use for future trips.

Thursday June 27 was the official start of our trip. We packed up the car, said our goodbyes, and drove straight through the night. We left at 7pm and arrived at Aunt Diane’s at 11:30am on Friday morning. The next two days were spent recuperating on lost sleep and the realization that our adventure has started. 


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