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Spending time in Florida was a great start to our adventure. We were able to relax, research our trip, and spend time with family. The time in Florida felt like a transitioning period. It was very different from our normal everyday life in PA, but we weren’t yet on our own traveling. Tim and I had multiple “I can’t believe this is actually happening” moments and spending time in Florida allowed us to mentally prepare.

It was such a blessing to visit and stay with Tim’s Aunt Diane and Uncle Wayne. We learned some cooking tips that will be helpful for our travels and got to do some exciting activities. We went to an out door market, bowling with Aunt Barb and Thumper, spent a whole day out on the boat at Sebastian’s Inlet, had a family pool party/cook out, and a midnight trip to the beach with Aunt Barb. These were just some of the highlights that we were able to enjoy.

We also took a couple days to visit my brother John in Jacksonville. We spent one evening exploring the local restaurants in the JAX beach area. On John’s day off, we took a day trip to St Augustine, which is the oldest town in America. We started at the Fountain of Youth and learned about the first settlers and then went to the downtown area for lunch. Tim and I did not know much about St Augustine and didn’t know what to expect. The downtown area was much larger than we had thought and we spent the rest of the day exploring the shops and restaurants.

For our last adventure in Florida we were able to spend a couple of days in Orlando. Aunt Diane had a hotel room for a conference and she let us stay with her since our flight left from the Orlando airport. It worked out perfectly. Tim and I spent most of the day lounging in the sun at the hotel pool. One evening we ate at Morimoto Asia in Disney Spring, formally known as Downtown Disney. We ordered tuna, ribs, and salmon and each of us had some of each. The food was excellent and the restaurant atmosphere was just as good. We walked around Disney Springs and were amazed by how large the area has grown.

Our flight leaves on Wednesday, July 24th at 8:48am and then we are on our way to Costa Rica!


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