South Bimini, Bahamas

Take a moment to close your eyes and try to picture paradise. Imagine sitting in a hammock under palm trees, the sunny salty air all around, and the sound of waves crashing on the shore.  Yep, that was Bimini. Honestly, we would have been happy if Bimini was the only traveling we got to experience.

The Diaz family kindly welcomed us to their beach house and showed the most gorgeous sights around the island. We got to snorkel through SS Sapona (a sunken concrete ship), ride jet skis, drive and ride the golf cart all around the island, feed and swim with stingrays and sharks at Honeymoon Cay, fell in love with Bimini bread, ate conch fritters and conch salad for the first time, and found a countless amount of sea glass on the beach.

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Feeding the stingrays and sharks at Honeymoon Cay was one of my favorite highlights. This was an experience that people would pay big money for and we were able to tag along just because it was a local spot that they knew about. There were dozens of stingrays and sharks swimming around waiting to be fed. The stingrays would swim right towards you and then turn at the last second, but their fins would brush up against your body. This is a memory we will keep with us for the rest of our lives.

We were in Bimini during the 4thof July, and Uncle Wayne brought a ton of fireworks to set off. Tim, Máximo, Isabel, and I had a blast lighting the fireworks and watching them explode in the sky. One of the firework boxes ended up tipping over and shooting under one of the neighbor’s beach house. Thankfully no one and nothing got hurt, but it sure is a funny story to tell.

Another neat thing about Bimini was meeting and interacting with the locals. Every Saturday night the locals would have a huge bonfire on the beach. The local residences were a mix between actual local Bahamians and retirees. One of the local residences carved faces, or full people, in the dead trees. His name was Mike and he drove his tractor around the island. We tried to find all 13 cravings, but were only able to find 6.

But, even in paradise there are bumps in the road. In Bimini, those bumps were noseeums. These were tiny little bugs that are very similar to mosquitoes but even smaller and more annoying. Tim and I both got eaten up, my legs getting the worst of it. But on the bright side, neither of us got sun brunt!

We can’t thank the Diaz family enough for allowing us to spend the week with them in paradise.

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