Prague, Czech Republic

This was a very budget friendly area all around. We found a local restaurant right under our apartment that had awesome dinners for less than $5. One strange thing we learned during our trip was that Prague does not sell traditional coffee, not even at Starbucks. Espresso was the common cup of joe and the closest thing to regular coffee was an Americano.

If you do any research regarding Prague you will quickly learn the local motto, ‘beer is cheaper than water.’ Tim and I can quickly say that this motto is indeed true. We ordered a glass of water at one of the touristy restaurants for $3 but the beer was only $2, and at the more local restaurants the beer was only $1.

We spent most of our time in the Old Town Square admiring the old architecture. The powder tower, which you have to walk under in order to enter the square, was built in the 1100’s and got its name because gun powder was stored in it during the 1400’s. The Old Town Square is also famous for the Astronomical Clock and the Charles Bridge that leads to the Prague Castle. This area of Prague was filled with tourists and had tons of shops and restaurants all around. 

Outside of the square, we spent time exploring the multiple parks nearby. All the parks we explored had at least one, if not more than one, beer gardens. We spent a some evening at the park eating, drinking, and people watching. There was always people, families, and dogs walking around. Most of the dogs in the parks never had a leash, it was actually rare for a dog to have a leash while walking in Prague. 

We never had any language issues. All the workers in the tourist areas knew English very well. Anyone outside of the touristy areas knew enough to get by. We learned that Prague started teaching English in school after the 90’s. Before then, they taught Russian in schools.

We enjoyed our time in Prague. It was amazing to see the old architecture and detailing on all of the buildings. It was everywhere you looked.

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