Paris, France

Tim and I were able to spend three days in Paris and it was wonderful! The city of lights is one of the most popular cities in the world and a huge bucket list item for most people. We are grateful that we were able to see some of the highlights of this beautiful place. Even Tim would admit that the city blew away his expectations.

We followed the Seine to the Louvre Museum to see the famous glass pyramid. The court yard was filled with tourists trying to get their best photo. We even saw two couples getting their wedding photos taken there. We walked through the front garden, slowly making our way towards the Eiffel Tower.

I didn’t realize how excited I was to be in Paris until I caught my first glimpse of the Eiffel Tower. In that moment, all of my little girl dreams came rushing back to me. Neither of us were interested in climbing up the tower, so we walked to the park and sat in the grass taking in the view.

We took the metro to our room that was only a couple blocks from Notre-Dame. Due to the recent fire, the front sidewalk was blocked off and the side and back of the building was covered with scaffolding for the construction.

When I booked they Airbnb I did not realize what a great area we would be staying in. There were countless shops, restaurants, and cafes right under us. Both nights we ate at one of the nearby restaurants and ordered a three course meal for the same price of a meal in Williamsport, PA. I had escargot both nights. We even got to experience a piano bar all within a block or two from our room. The famous Shakespeare and Company cafe was also right around the corner.

It rained all day the second day in Paris. Unfortunately we didn’t have time to waste, so we grab the umbrellas, nicely provided by the Airbnb, and started walking. We walked up and down the famous Champs-Élysées street with all the shops. Tim was happy because he got to see the new iPhone at the Apple store.

We reached the traffic circle at the end of the street and saw the Arc de Triomphe for the first time. The 360 degree view on the top of was absolutely breathtaking. The sun even came out to shine and we had blue sky while we looked at the city.

We didn’t have the best expectations for Paris. We thought it would be extremely expensive and we weren’t sure what we could do with such a short time frame. Thankfully those expectations were proven wrong. Of course we would have loved to spend a couple more days there, but we are grateful for the experience we had!

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