Dublin, Ireland

Our trip to Dublin started in Frankfurt Germany. We spent the night at the Moxy hotel because our flight left at 6:30am. The hotel had a very modern and interesting atmosphere; definitely somewhere I’d like to stay again.

We met up with Nicolai and his group at the airport. At the Frankfurt airport you did not go through security until you entered your gate, and then you could not leave the gate. This made the security line almost nonexistent, but all the shops and restaurants were on the other side. it was a different system for sure.

We slept on the plane and were ready for a full day of sightseeing once we landed. We only had three days in the city so we woke up early and went to bed late to make the most of it. 

The first stop, the Guinness Brewery. Mostly because it was the closest attraction. The Guinness Brewery was a self guided tour with 6 floors. The top floor had a 360 view of Dublin. During the tour we learned that the roasted barley is what gives Guinness its dark color. We also learned how to correctly pour and taste a Guinness.

To stay with the theme, we decided to go to the Jameson Distillery next. This was our favorite tour. It was a interactive guided tour and had a lot of pretty lights and videos to make it extra interesting. At the end of the tour we had a taste test between Jameson, scotch, and American whiskey, which was actually Jack Daniels. Jameson was hands down the smoothest of the three. After the tours we took a carriage ride to the oldest Irish pub in Dublin, Brazen Head. 

The Airbnb was very modern and large with 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, and a open kitchen and living room. Definitely a place to remember. This was the first time during our trip that we had a large group with us. This was a great benefit because each person had different places they wanted to see. So, Tim and I were able to know about and do more attractions than if it would have been just the two of us.

We started the next morning in the park and watched the very friendly and loud ducks. The locals must have thought we were even more crazy than normal Americans because we were laughing so loud while watching the ducks. Close to the park was a large shopping street that we walked through. We stopped at a gorgeous hotel/cafe for a quick snack and then headed to the next destination for the day; Howth. 

Howth is small fishing town not far from Dublin, about a 30 minute train ride. It is known for its seafood and typical Ireland cliffs. We walked the hiking path around the town and got to see all of its highlights. We even wondered off the path and found a local swimming spot. Nicolai and Tim braved the cold water and went for a swim in the Irish Sea, while I stayed warm and laughed at them.

Since we were in the Dublin area, we went to the famous temple bar street. This is a huge street filled with bar that are three stories or taller. Not somewhere Tim and I would have gone by ourselves, but it was neat to experience the nightlife. Showmen were on the streets trying to make a buck. Tim participated in a bike challenge where the bike’s steering was reversed. Tim failed and the showmen got to keep his money, but it was a interesting challenge and fun to watch others try and fail. One of the bars we went into was so packed, that brain literally had to push us through to get to the exit. 

It was nice to visit Dublin where the national language was English, I could listen to their Irish accent for days! But we could never get used to seeing a child in the ‘passage’ seat but to us it looked like the driver seat. A lot of times we would see the seat empty and have to take a double look, “wait how is that car moving? …ohhh that’s right.”

As much as we enjoyed Dublin, there was no denying that it was one of the more expensive areas. Just as an example, both Guinness and Jameson were much more expensive than in Williamsport, even though they were made in Dublin. If Tim and I ever get the opportunity to visit Ireland again we hope to travel to the North side of the country.